Monday, March 15, 2010

Brief introduction to cosplay

Costume play is short for cosplay, which originated from Japan or America. The people who play the game is called cosplayer. Generally speaking, Cosplay means Role play game. Its strategic market is towards the youth. It is very popular in Japan and European countries. In china, it is mostly accepted by Taiwan and Hong Kong. But in inland, it is developed relatively late and can’t be accepted widely. In terms of historic origin, co splay began with stage drama. These actors and actresses are made up to look like others such as historic heroes or legends and imitate their dress. These roles are performed vividly, and since then co splay began to sprout and developed.

Co splay nowadays

Through long-time development and research, co splay nowadays has come to perfection. Closers can act as not only people, but also other characters in cartoon and games, such as animals, robots, etc. Co splay in modern society has developed as a main stream of young people’s entertainment. They use co splay on many occasions such as birthday parties, animation shows, masquerades and so on. Now co splay as a kind of culture is accepted by more and more people. It is developing as a profession gradually. More and more specialty stores for co splay costumes emerge because of demand. Just until recently, online shopping prevails. Co splay lovers begin to shop online at co splay shops which provide the whole set of dress, co splay wigs, even co splay shoes and boots. Those are often at affordable prices and that brings much more freedom to cosers.

What did co splay bring us?

It is difficult to say that co splay brought us, but everything has two sides. From outsiders, co splay is an uneconomic and meaningless activity. It is a waste of money .The record showed an erroneous report involving co splay in Taiwan have taken place because the media with the lack of understanding. So as for co player, what do they really get?

In fact, just as I described in the previous text, the real co splay do not just dress up the external, and more importance is the soul of the exchange. Just think, with so fiercely competitive society, everyone feel pressure and confused because of his work or study .If at this point who can set aside these, COS out another you, it means that mental stress is liberated and feel relaxed. Converting to each other’s role relieve yourself, so  we do not want to refer to or limit co splay into ACG’role .In fact, everyone in society has played a different part of their role, is not it? Everyone in real-life must have their own distress .Maybe today you are a poor beggar or you are wheathy, and you have your trouble. Co splay was through into the ACG from the Co splay characters, the mind can be relieved by a temporary escape of reality up.

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